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Build Impossible Monday Night Calls

FREE 60 min call every Monday @ 4pm PST | 7pm EST

Learn how you can overcome common struggles all entrepreneurs face plus helpful tips and tricks from entrepreneur, strategist and Co-Founder, Cameron Chell.

An opportunity to discuss obstacles you may be facing, get answers to your business specific questions and learn how you can progress in your entrepreneurial journey.

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    Tips & Tricks

    An inside look at the processes the Build Team uses to create an effective business and personal strategy for entrepreneurs.

    Hosted by:

    Co-Founder, Cameron Chell

    Cameron is co-founder of Build Impossible and co-founder of Business Instincts Group, a venture growth lab. He works with executives and companies to determine what is most important and specifically how to get it done. Cameron has co-founded multiple companies with his focus on market development and product architecture. Cameron has spoken around the world sharing his life experiences of overcoming hurdles and doing “the impossible” at United Nations, Tony Robbins and TEDx Montreal Women.

    Q & A

    Open Q&A where you can ask specific questions about your business. No matter what stage you are at, from idea to commercialization, you can get some helpful feedback.

    Lead Coach, Christine Hart

    Christine draws on a proven history of entrepreneurship, project management, start-up advisory, facilitation of trainings and workshops and 10 years as a relationship coach. Christine has been a valued advisor and communications consultant to over 15 companies, ranging from 1-70 employees. She is best known for her out-of-the-box approach to marketing and growth, her resourcefulness as well as her ability to foster talent and build capabilities within teams.

    Decks & Marketing Materials

    Do you have a pitch deck you want us to take a look at? Are you wondering if your website is appealing to your target market? Bring it to the call and get feedback from our Co-Founder plus fellow entrepreneurs.